The Best Table at the Involvement fair

On Wednesday August 16th The University of Central Missouri chapter of Young Americans for Liberty took to our schools Involvement fair.  These involvement fairs are second to none when it comes to chapter growth. When there are thousands of students all looking (sometimes getting pushed into) to join a club or a campus organization.  It would be mad to pass up on a pristine opportunity like this.  We were with over 100 other organizations and after looking around we had the best table set up and materials!

As students began to flood into the room everyone was going a mile a minute.  Running around trying to find that exact club that they wanted to get involved with… except for the individuals that stopped at our table.  The individuals who stopped at our table seemed to stay much longer, discuss, and portray that they cared and wanted more information about our organization over the rest.  We had a great turn out for sign ups and are getting ready for our first meeting and have expectations of seeing many bright and shining new faces!
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