The Birth of Liberty at East Carolina

Liberty has been born! The YAL chapter here at East Carolina University held our first tabling event this week during major class times. Before the end of our second week of classes our tabling efforts and outreach to other organizations has grown. The newly formed chapter grew from a few members to over eighty!

We are experiencing a lot of success in our first semester. Students are very interested in libertarian ideas and supporting our freedoms on campus. We were able to attract a lot of attention at our table thanks to the Recruitment Drive Kit we received just in time for the semester. Students were quick to sign up with interest in our pocket constitutions, YAL pamphlets, and other goodies.

The most interesting impact and reactions we’ve received from students pertained to the new release of our first ECU Liberty Newsletter. Our newsletter tackles current events and issues that will break it down into a couple easy paragraphs for students to understand. Our first newsletter discussed the war on drugs, government spying, interventionist foreign policy, and a brief explanation of the Federal Reserve.

We look forward to the rest of our semester as we prepare for our first meeting, and sponsor a libertarian debate team for the upcoming Republican vs Democrat debate on campus in September.

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