The black box that tracks every mile you drive and will make speed cameras obsolete…

…is not coming to the United States.  At least not yet.  But it is probably coming to Europe:

Drivers face having their every move tracked by a ‘spy in the car’ black box. The system will constantly check a vehicle’s speed – making cameras redundant – and allow for pay-as-you-go tolls.

The £36million EU project is partly funded by the UK Government and backed by car makers and the telecoms industry. It will be unveiled later this year with a view to its integration into future cars. Manufacturers suggest this could be as early as 2013.

Vehicles fitted with the system will emit a constant ‘heartbeat’ pulse revealing their location, speed and direction of travel.

In other words, the EU will be able to track just about every move its citizens make…er, drive. Civil liberties groups have of course objected, but their protests seem to have all but unheeded as plans move forward to implement the new technology. Big Brother’s watching skills get better and better with time.

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