The Bush torture tradition carried on by Obama

In a not-so-surprising turn of events, evidence last week shows that the Obama administration may continue the failed Bush policies of illegal detention and torture.

As per this Times article, the Obama administration is using the same “national security” excuse employed by the Bush administration to illegally detain prisoners who they deem a threat. Binyam Mohamed, an Ethiopian native, sued Boeing for assisting in the Bush administration in its “extraordinary rendition” program, where Mohamed and four other men were expedited and tortured abroad. The case was dismissed by the Bush administration on the notion that it threatened national security and international relations.

Instead of carrying out the “change” that he has been preaching, the Obama administration is following in the notorious footsteps of the Bush administration. In regards to Mohamed’s case, the same “state secret” excuse is being used by government lawyer Douglas N. Letter to keep Guantanamo open.

To further the damage, Solicitor General Nominee Elena Kagan said to a key Republican senator that she believes the government has the legal authority to detain suspected terrorists indefinitely and without trial. It is clear that the Obama administration is trying to appease a wide spectrum of people and to forge political allies instead of keep the promise of “change”.

Meanwhile, Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy has called for an independent investigation into the Bush crimes, regardless of support from the Obama administration. Knowing that the Obama administration will carry on these crimes leaves for an unpromising overall outcome. In a meeting with the White House, Leahy said:

I would hate to see us take the attitude that that was then and this is now, let’s not worry about any of the mistakes or the abuse of the law and give it a pass … because it is my experience that you continue to make mistakes until somebody calls you on it.

The Obama administration knows that the legacy they are carrying on is illegal. They are becoming increasingly accountable of campaign lies and the same failed policies of the Bush administration. It’s only time until the masses who fell for their savior’s pretty talk will realize that he is just another false hope.

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