The Case of the Wrong Teleprompter, Continued

Taking a page from the Bush Administration’s foreign policy book, Obama asked Congress last night in a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for $83.4 billion in “supplemental” spending to cover fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan for the remainder of this year. This comes in addition to the massive $534 billion military budget (AntiWar link) good ‘ol Robert Gates unveiled last week.

The bulk of the money ($75.5 billion) would potentially go straight to the Department of Defense, although according to the Hill, the supplementation also requests $30 million to facilitate closing down Gitmo and another $5 million for “extraordinary litigation expenses associated with terrorism prosecutions of national importance.”

AntiWar calls Obama out on this:

The use of emergency funding requests to avoid putting the war’s costs in the overall military budget was a tactic which Obama was a harsh critic of when the Bush Administration practiced it, and already some Congressmen are criticizing the new president for adopting the same “off the books” tactic as he continues to fight the same wars.

This appears to be a case of the wrong teleprompter, indeed, though it was a letter that was sent to Congress, so perhaps “wrong letterhead” would be the more appropriate term.

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