The Center is the Fringe

Every libertarian on this site has at one point or another had the experience of being called “fringe” or “extremist” by those who consider themselves “moderates.”  Such people often feel that libertarians,with their ideas like “End the Fed” and “stop preemptive war,” are really just paranoid conspiracy theorists who think the government is out to get them, and must just be a little loony.

As Kevin Carson points out in a recent article at the Center for a Stateless Society, it’s often in fact the “moderate center” that displays far more conspiratorial/paranoid tendencies than libertarians.  He writes:

I remember Keith Olbermann once ridiculing the “nutjob” belief that the Ninth and Tenth Amendments might impose objective limits of some kind on the subject matter of federal legislation.  A constitutional lawyer friendly to his side had to gently remind him that it wasn’t really a “lunatic fringe” idea that there might be objective constraints on federal power.

And when Jesse Ventura suggested the other day that George Bush lied this country into a war, in part, for the benefit of the oil industry, the women on The View looked at him like he’d advocated killing Baby Jesus…

…I hope nobody tells them about the Tonkin Gulf incident; they might have to change their drawers.  Seriously, it’s more depressing than anything else to see someone like Barbara Walters, regarded by some as a top-tier journalist, to display such abysmal ignorance of all the parts of American history that didn’t make it into the Officer Friendly lecture on the first day of civics class.

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