The Costs of Principle

Libertarians beware:  The costs of principle are high and difficult to endure.

Jeff Frazee’s “Winning on Principle” article is dead on.  The truth of the matter is this:  Winning without principle (Republicans) is no better than losing with principle (libertarians).  The recent attempts to take down Rand Paul’s campaign for Senate can serve as good examples of the costs of winning on principle for libertarians.  Republicans know these costs well, that’s why they’ve been more likely to compromise their supposed principles for victory.

For far too long, libertarians have been kept in at the proverbial kiddie-table.  When out of power, each of the major parties has courted the libertarian leanings of the electorate.  Whether it’s civil liberties, non-interventionism, fiscal responsibility, or the tea parties, libertarians have been allowed a seat at the adult table only when it pleased the adults.

rand paul

Now, things are different and the natives are restless.  The American people are rising up in greater and greater numbers for the cause of liberty.  Liberty is starting to be promulgated by candidates for public office ever more frequently but not without cost.

Rand Paul has learned the hard way that a seemingly warm reception at the start of his campaign (he debuted his candidacy on Maddow) quickly transforms itself into a political hit job as soon as he became a threat to the state.

The dualing revolutions continues

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