The Death of Freedom at LSU

There are disturbing trends developing at Louisiana State University. The first unnerving development was reported in The Reveille on March 9th. LSU’s Police Department has used federal tax dollars to purchase a License Plate Reader to scan for violations and mark the positions of cars on campus. I am all for police using constitutional means for law enforcement, but scanning all license plates until you find a criminal hardly seems to fit any interpretation of the Constitution. 

Secondly, just yesterday, LSU announced it would be the first public university to partner with City Year. This may seem like a wonderful development for LSU, many of our classes already contain service-learning components. More importantly, federal tax dollars need not be spent to encourage volunteering. 

Lastly, and perhaps most egregious of all, LSUPD is bringing Homeland Security’s “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign to campus. We are now encouraged to spy on our fellow students for seeming out of place or running from a building. Watch out! That lost-looking freshman could be a terrorist! The student running to take a test or make it to class on time may be a criminal!

LSU already receives a red flag from FIRE for its restrictions on free speech. Now, LSU deserves a similar rating for its abuses of civil liberties and waste of money. Freedom lovers beware:   You are no longer welcome in Baton Rouge. 

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