The Delusion of Modern Liberals

There’s an old saying about the definition of a liberal, as opposed to a radical:  a liberal is someone who thinks the system is broken and needs to be fixed, whereas a radical understands it’s working the way it’s supposed to … A liberal who doesn’t think the system is working, doesn’t understand what it’s supposed to do.

So writes Kevin Carson in his recent piece at the Center for a Stateless Society on why people who play by the rules in American society rarely end up reaping the full benefits of their actions.  

While I know that not everyone at YAL agrees with many of the tenants of C4SS, I find great value in this organization as a bridge for the liberty movement to the standard “left” side of the political spectrum.  We need to be drawing people to libertarianism from all sides of the political spectrum, and one great way to draw in sincere leftists is to show them that the welfare/warfare state in which they have put their faith is in fact the originator of most of the societal ills that they wish to correct.  Carson writes:

I just don’t understand the rules-trusters.  It’s not that they’re necessarily bad people.

…Most of them probably just come from positive family backgrounds that have predisposed them toward trust and generosity.  It’s people like this who read “Why Mommy is a Democrat,” and think society is just like a big family where the rules are there to keep us all happy and safe and make sure the same person doesn’t always grab the last drumstick off the plate.

In a society made up entirely of genuinely consensual associations, with rules actually made by voluntary members, this trusting and generous attitude would be entirely appropriate–just the sort of personality type needed to keep things going.

But society isn’t a big family, with government as Mommy.  Government is run by people who rig the game to make sure they can take the drumstick off the plate every time.

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