The Democratic Party Abandons Civil Liberties

The tone of the Democratic National Convention was set early when a DNC video on Tuesday included the line “The government is the only thing we all belong to”:

Since 2008, Democrats have reversed or buffered their positions on indefinite detention, warrantless surveillance, racial profiling in fighting terrorism, and closing Guantanamo. Many civil libertarians voted for Barack Obama and the Democrats in 2008 in hopes that they would follow through on the promise to roll back the pervasive War on Terror. Instead, the current administration and the Democratic Party, demonstrated through floor votes and party platforms, has evidenced a disinterest in defending constitutional liberties of United States citizens.

Many conservatives were up in arms over a possible attempt to remove “God” from the Democratic Platform. As it turns out, the Democrats also removed the individual.

If you’d like to compare the DNC’s last and current platforms, check them out here:

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