The Demon Deacons kicking off 2015!

Wake Forest University is eager and ready to spread the liberty movement!

After handing out several pocket Constitutions and speaking to various potential new members, we kicked off the month of February with two days of tabling.

At the end of fall semester, we appointed our newly elected board consisting of Co-Presidents, a Publicity Chair, Membership Director, Secretary, and Treasurer. We have weekly board meetings in order to have a successful spring semester. After an in-depth discussion regarding our final event that will be held in April, we decided upon a free speech week.

This coming April, our organization will devote three days to spreading the purpose and reasoning behind free speech. While encouraging students, faculty, and staff to sign a free speech ball, we will ignite relationships that will bring on new members and deeper collaboration with other students. On the final day of standing outside our cafeteria, we will present a free speech documentary with pizza and drinks.

I am proud to announce that we will be submitting our own informative article, written by our Membership Director, to our school newspaper, the Old Gold & Black. Additionally, we have begun a conversation with the College Democrats, and will be co-signing another article concerning the Medical Marijuana bill, that was recently introduced in Senate.

This coming fall, we plan on hosting two great speakers, one in late September and one in mid November. Since the Wake Forest University chapter is already recognized by administration, we have applied for a solid budget. We are looking forward to the coming months and are ready to embrace liberty on our college campus.

It is important to incorporate a social aspect into any organization, so members feel comfortable, welcomed, and open. With this in mind, we are going to host a tent at our home football games this fall!


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