The Dread Pirate Roberts and YAL

It was a Tuesday night in an academic class room, our members and some new faces where taking their seats, I was shaking hands and greeting new people, and a story that riveted us all started as soon as i hit the play button. This was the culmination of a weeks worth of work to make our screening a success.

The Friday before our Deep Web screening we gathered at 8:30 to spread the word across campus that we where a new club and we where doing stuff, cool stuff. Our favored way to communicate this was the sidewalks. Meeting at the first of two high traffic areas we distributed sidewalk chalk, the bill of rights and the time and date of our screening and meetings. After 45 minutes of fun and 24 sticks of chalk later we had Chalked the Walk. Over the weekend I would hear people talking about this new club that promoted liberty and constitutional wrights, people that knew I was a member would stop me and ask “what this movie called the Deep Web”, this fun simple activity was a success!

The film as i said earlier riveted our attention to the screen, how the Silk Road had evolved from a market place, to a community for the exchange of ideas was astounding. Challenging the preconceptions of some that it was just a website people used to get high. How the prosecution used the alleged attempted murders as a way to deny bail and with hold the identities of witnesses, shocked some of those in attendance. But what we discussed more then anything afterwards was what is the future of the 4th amendment in a digital age.

Next up for us here at Allegheny is a free speech ball and a faculty lecture series on free market economics. Until then stay free YAL, we will keep you posted about what we are up to.

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