The Entire Health Care Bill Must Be Repealed

As only one member of Young Americans for Liberty, I’d like to state my 100% support for the complete repeal of ObamaCare

This seems obvious to me, but perhaps it isn’t to everyone else:  The news has already moved on the the NCAA tournament.  But how can anyone complacently return to life as usual when the freedoms on which these United States were founded are being dismantled at such an alarming rate?

Some states will fight Obamacare in court, some citizens will band together and pass amendments to their state constitutions, and some youth will remember what life was like before the government (more completely) controlled their bodies.  But I have serious doubts about how effective this resistence will be given the tyranical precedents under which many courts operate and the assumption of the supremacy of the federal government.  Ultimately, we must elect our fellow citizens to go to Washington to dismantle the totalitarian state this country has been building for more than 100 years. 

Universal health care cannot stand! Never give in.  As Ludwig von Mises would quote Virgil’s AenidTu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito!

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