The evils of the state and its “schools”

Bonnie, the government schools are full of the sort of evil you reported on, as well as various other contradictions.

First, while “peacenik” teachers consider  it depraved for a boy to bring a camping utensil (much less a pocket knife) to school, they usually laud as a noble option high schoolers joining up to kill poor brown people in Obama’s legions.

Second, while government school “feminists” demand contractual permission for every 5 year old boy trying to hold hands with a girl they “like,” a high school culture of “hook-ups” and objectification  is somehow not considered to be abusive and sexist.

I could go on and on and on. Not only the government schools, but the entire state apparatus is full of ridiculous hypocrisies obvious to anyone who removes the blinders from their eyes. The key is to make people do just that…

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