The Fall of the GOP and Why It’s Good for Us

In the 2008 elections the GOP took major damage. This was a continuing trend from the 2006 mid-term elections, when the Democrats took over the House. In 2008, with the Dems in charge of both the House and the Senate as well as taking the Presidency, it seemed that the country had shifted from center-right to center-left. However, as we saw with the explosion of town hall protestors, the 9/12 March, and the Tea Party protests, the general conservatism that the American public favors was not lost.

That is why when a new Rassmussen poll results were released there was a bit of a surprise. In a Generic Ballot Poll, the Democrats received 36%, the Republicans 18%, and a Tea Party candidate received 23%. Any Republican or Democrat should see this and cringe. This is direct information that shows the fractures in the base of the Republicans are bigger than the mainstream media would portray. It also shows why the Republican leadership is desperately attempting to grandstand and associate themselves with every Tea Party rally.

For Democrats this is dangerous because although a fractured party is not able to organize as effectively, this can be seen as a rejection of the two-party system. While the people do not like the Republicans, they are not joining the Democrats. The Democrats love having to fight against only the Republicans. They are a standard villain, simple to attack because they have a lengthy history of horrible politics, failed promises, and dead bodies at their feet. If Democrats have to fight someone new, they will have less knowledge on how to attack them and lack a vast history of poor decisions against which they can campaign. Just like in a Superman comic book, it’s always easier for Superman to defeat Lex Luthor than some new threat because he can understand Luthor better through past encounters.

This is where this situation is great for us here in the liberty movement. With many people defecting from the Republicans, yet also disagreeing with the Democrats, the population seems to be rejecting the two-party system. With this shift away from two-party politics, there is a fresh chance for a new party to arise. With the Tea Party movement moving to the forefront, we can see that the people who want a change and are motivated to achieve it are from a generally conservative perspective.

So whenever you have a Tea Party rally, an anti-tax forum, town hall meeting or anything that comes from the this new Tea Party movement, make sure you attend, bring flyers, and spread the message. Better yet, create your own rallies and events and make sure to invite these people. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for the libertarians/traditional conservatives/classical liberals to mold the future of the conservative movement. This country will not survive should this new movment be co-opted by the neoconservative establishment of the current Republican Party.

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