The FCC: ‘Let us be your remote.’

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Remember when you were young and there was always that one kid on the playground that had to complain about everything? “Mom! The slide has dirt on it!… Mom! I can’t push myself on the swing!… Mom! I stepped in a puddle and now my shoes are dirty!”

Well now that kid has grown up (sort of) and he spends his free time complaining – not to his mother, this time, but to the government.

And here we have just another example of government paternalism hard at work while issues like the economy are simply “overlooked.”

On Tuesday December 13th, the FCC approved new rules which would require all television commercials to be broadcast at the same average volume of the program they punctuate. Those TV providers who do not comply will face fines. Since 2008, the FCC has received close to 6000 complaints for loud commercials, which caused FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski to state affirmatively, “This is an issue people care about.”

Is he serious? Find out here.

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