The Fifth of November Isn’t the Only Thing to Remember

John Stossel and Steve Chapman talk Midterm Elections and “why the Republican victory won’t matter”:


This was to be the year of the Tea Party triumph. As a libertarian, I so want to believe that the Tea Party marks the beginning a comeback for small government.

But I’m probably deluding myself. I know that big government usually wins. Remember the last time the Republicans took power? They promised fiscal responsibility, and for six of George W. Bush’s eight years, his party controlled Congress. What did we have to show for it?


Politicians make promises… because they are big and vivid. But the bigger the goal, the harder it is to reach. That’s even more true when power is divided between a Democratic president and Senate and a Republican House. The things that are plausible, on the other hand, are usually not so exciting.

In campaigns, anything is possible, and on Election Day, a lot can change in a hurry. Afterward, not so much.

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