The Fight for Free Speech at Macomb

We began our fight for free speech by hanging up posters around the school to promote our screening of Can We Take a Joke. After handing out flyers and hanging posters up, our work had just begun. Last week, we organized about 4 of us to go out and promote free speech by rolling a free speech ball courtesy of The Leadership Institute and Alex Witoslawski. 

We began rolling the ball around campus and immediately students were excited by our activism and curious as to why we were doing it. They were also excited about the movie screening. We educated them on our school’s policy on “expressive activity” and many of them were shocked by these findings. We had emailed the administration about our activity we would be conducting in the hopes that we could garner a physical response from them. 

After a couple of hours of conducting activism we decided it was only right that we make that change. One of our group members graciously called on us to try and get the administration out of their bat cave. They said they would look into it, but we never received any flack. Instead just after that I received an email regarding our chalking on campus, hanging posters and general neglect for their policies. We did our rabble rousing and are now being forced to meet up with the administration this week.
We are excited to expose the unconstitutional policies that the school holds and are ready to challenge them even further. The movie screening brought out about 30 students and local community members. Many people were shocked by the movie but overall loved the message. Although not everyone can take a joke. 
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