The Fight For Free Speech at the University of Deleware

The fight for free speech has been a long one, and we still have much work ahead of us.  We have been meeting with campus administrators and semester after semester we have exercised our right to freedom of expression with a free speech ball.  This past Thursday, we invited free speech warrior Rob Montz to campus to speak with our chapter and to advertise for the event we had another free speech ball.

Most people on campus love when we roll out the free speech ball, although it does generate some controversy. First off, I would like to thank Kelsey Mix, who is a Regional Field Coordinator for the Leadership Institute. She was a huge help in getting resources for this event and helping run the free speech ball. The Leadership Institute provided us with the free speech ball, an electric pump, some books, and awesome pins that say “Free Speech is Bae.” We also gave out candy that I attached notes to with all of the information about the Rob Montz event written on them. The Free Speech Ball was a big success! Most people loved the idea, and were enthusiastic about free speech. There were a couple people that engaged us with concerns about things like “hate speech”, but after a brief conversation about the importance about allowing everyone to equally exercise free speech, I invited them to join us at a meeting to continue the discussion.

The Rob Montz event was a success!  We watched his documentary, Silence U: Is the University Killing Free Speech and Open Debate? The documentary was great, and then we had a discussion about the political climate at our school, and he gave us advice on how to engage our campus community. He then showed us a teaser for the sequel to his documentary. Everyone who attended enjoyed it, and Rob was great to talk to! Thank you to Rob Montz for visiting and to our regional director, Matt D’Alesio, for helping put this together. 

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