The Fight for Free Speech Continues

On Tuesday October 4th the students of the Kutztown chapter of Young Americans for Liberty held an event to promote freedom of speech on their campus. The chapter rolled around an 8-foot beach ball where the students of Kutztown could write whatever they pleased on it. The goal of this event was to make the students of Kutztown aware of the unconstitutional speech codes on campus. Many students were drawn to the ball and had much to say. The topics on the ball varied greatly, from political views to words of motivation and love.

The ball not only allowed the students of Kutztown to express their freedom of speech but it gave the chapter an opportunity to get the students to sign a petition to try and change the speech code rules at Kutztown. Once the students learned about the speech codes here many felt we need a change. The chapter got over 150 students to sign the petition.

The students in the chapter helped throughout the day. They all took shifts in helping move the speech ball all around campus making sure anyone who wanted to write on the ball had the opportunity to. Also, there were students in charge of getting the petition signed. It was a team effort that we could not have done without everyone’s help.

The day was an overall success. As a chapter we grew stronger and closer, we got over 150 signatures signed for our petition to change the Kutztown campuses’ speech codes, and we educated the students of Kutztown on the unconstitutional speech codes.

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