The Fight for Self Defense at UNM

Young Americans for Liberty has established a coalition at the University of New Mexico, and in doing so, we’ve bridged many student organizations together to fight for common goals. The most recent goal is fighting for the students right to self defense. 

In New Mexico, state law prohibits non-law enforcement personnel from carrying a firearm on campus. However, our University has taken it so far as to prohibit pepper spray and stun guns as well. Last semester, YAL at UNM joined forces with Young Americans for Freedom to get the Student Senate to pass a resolution to encourage the University’s policy office to allow pepper spray on campus.

Getting Started

We decided to hold a rally to drum up support for stun guns on campus. We have collected hundreds of signatures, and have began to plan events on campus geared toward student safety. 

The rally was a huge success. We were covered by three local television news stations, the CollegeFix, and by the state’s largest newspaper, who placed our rally on the front page. We’ve also been covered by the Daily Lobo, our schools newspaper and have met further with student senators for the continued movement. This is an important issue we plan to push further on campus, and we’re excited to see the results.

Front page of the ABQ Journal

We also held a YUGE debate party, as well. Young Americans for Liberty organized the event and partnered with local and national organizations to have tables at the event. The National Rifle Association, the Rio Grande Foundation, Student for Life, Young Americans for Liberty, the College Republicans, and Students for Marco all held a table at our event. It was a huge success, and in total, I’d estimate an attendance of 50-60 people. 


YAL at the Debate Party

Young Americans for Liberty continues to carry the torch of the Liberty Movement on the New Mexico campus.

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