The final straw for youth

That’s it, I’ve had enough. I know it was Constitution day and all the wonderful YAL chapters had awesome events, but this is just plain disgusting and too important to not spread everywhere.

Yes, please, by all means, end the subsidies to private loan companies for student loans; make the market compete for our — the youth’s — future.

But this is the final straw for the youth. Kiss future generations’ college education goodbye if this goes through. The end of private loans for students, only government loans would be accepted, is right around the corner and it just passed the House on Constitution Day.

Nationalized college education here we come.

I, Jared Fuller, am calling every college student and future college student in the United States of America to do the following:

Stand up, get off your butt, and get yourself and ALL your friends to your Representative and Senate offices. Then, don’t even think about leaving until your Representative has agreed (on camera) this legislation is immediately removed from the House & Senate agendas.

Call the press, call your family, call your administrators, and tell all that this was the final straw.  Bring some snacks, some drinks and your sleeping bag; it might very well be a long several days at your local office. 

Hopefully, they’ll listen when it’s a sleep-over.

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