The First Friends University Young Americans for Liberty Tabling Extravaganza

“There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth, not going all the way, and not starting.” — Buddha.  

This is the initial year for the Friends University Young Americans for Liberty chapter and we have quite a year planned out, but the first step is creating an actual group dedicated to the ideas of liberty.  

And it has begun :D

The two founding members seen here, Tyler McKellips and Karl Watson respectively, attended the Friends Student Organization expo around a week ago pitching the ideas of liberty and the positive reasons for joining the organization.  Friends University is a very small school with an attendance of 1700 people, many of whom live off campus, but we still did a phenomenal job reaching out to the students, receiving 30 sign ups.  


Abby Kalivas, pictured here, did a wonderful job documenting the event in her first ever event involving our group!

Our wonderful table

Other part of our table

Our table, by far the most professional at the event, was able to attract people because of the immense amount of free swag we had at the table and also because of our poster board that had all of the information we received from the National Convention! 

More karl


The pitch!

Now to the actual tabling!Using the skills that we were taught at the National Convention, Karl and I were able to speak to every student who walked by, giving them brief information and exciting stories from our recent exploits, playing on the school’s strong liberal background.  The “anti war” stickers and YAL buttons went like hot cakes. Keeping these students entertained and intrigued utilizing the Operation Politically Homeless quiz, which was by far the star of the expo, we found out that most of our student population was rather libertarian (surprising, right?).  


Good numbers!


I felt as though the Buddha quote at the beginning of this post is exactly what people in the Young Americans for Liberty need to remember. Having an apathetic view and not continuing our tireless activism is what allows the enemies of liberty to win.  No matter how terrible our government seems, our country needs people like us teaching others about the values of capitalism, personal liberties and a non-interventionist foreign policy. Without us we will falter.

There is a reason that Karl and I started our YAL chapter now: Even if we don’t make a major difference, the people who we teach will.These people right here could be the next Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, or even Ron Paul.  This is why we must continue the fight. 

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