The Founding Fathers visit Citrus College to fight free speech zones

This year at Citrus College, we teamed up with the Leadership Institute to host our first Civil Liberties Grave Yard!

LI On campus

Two of us dressed up as “zombie founding fathers,” Paul Revere and Benjamin Franklin, and proceeded to ask students for directions. You see, after decades of rolling in our graves, we got fed up and decided to give Citrus College a piece of our minds. With a “free speech zone” comprising less than one and a half percent of campus, we asked students if they knew where it was safe to express ourselves freely.

an all star group shot

Needless to say, students were shocked and disgusted…to find out how severely restrained free speech is on campus!

The College is currently being sued as part of The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education’s “Stand Up for Free Speech” litigation campaign. Because of this, the college has agreed to temporarily suspend their unconstitutional anti-free speech policies during the litigation.  This gave us a very rare opportunity to venture to the other 98.5 percent of campus and make some real change!

With the Help of the Leadership Institute we were able to hand out over 200 custom made eulogies for our rights to students.

In the end we gathered almost 50 new sign-ups! Be sure to check out the videos of our free speech activism below!

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