The Free Speech Ball Bounces into Missouri State University

In this semester’s first of many attempts to challenge Missouri State University’s ambiguous speech laws, the Missouri State Young Americans for Liberty chapter proudly rolled out our five foot Free Speech ball into the middle of campus. During the entirety of this Thursday afternoon, we were approached by curious minds, unaware of the vague wording constituted in Missouri State’s regulations such as Title IX, Residence Hall Living guides, and harassment policies. Students and professors listened in as we discussed how these broad terms could affect their social status and personal lives. Many students also chose to participate and wrote some words of their own onto the oversized beach ball – most wrote cheery words of encouragement, while some others self-promoted.

In the first few weeks of the Fall 2017 semester, more students have seemingly become interested in Libertarian principles and we have had many ask about our organization. The free speech ball was definitely a great way to promote ourselves on campus and educate students on the flaws of the university’s speech policies. We collected dozens of signatures today and are determined to collect more and continue to promote awareness of Missouri State’s Red Light policies.

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