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At the University of South Florida, there are more than 600 active student organizationswho all compete for the attention of students. This year, YAL at USF succeeded in hosting our most successful event to date! Officers met multiple times over the summer, created coalitions with other like-minded student organizations, and tabled nearly a dozen times in preparation of the first week of classes. 

To advertise, we got in contact with the Center for Student Involvement and Student Government very early to ensure we had all the deadlines for the Week of Welcome tabling events and brochure submissions. In addition, we utilized the graphic design resource through SG to create a great event flyer to pass around campus and online.

WoW brochure

free for all

Students began arriving nearly 40 minutes before the event was scheduled to start! We were nearly taken aback by the turnout coming by so early (before food and drinks were even out!) but equally excited that all of our efforts have been rewarded with fresh inquiring minds. 

need more chairs

At the first table students encountered when they entered the meeting room, they were greeted with YAL palmcards, free copies of Why Liberty provided by Students for Liberty, YAL buttons, stickers, and pocket Constitutions.

Lana, the Vice President, and I greeted everyone who came in and had them take the World’s Smallest Political Quiz which was displayed in the far end of the room. Before giving them the quiz, I asked if they politically identified; many said they were unsure while others responded quickly. Most students were not too surprised at the results of their quiz; however there were a few students, who initially were confident in their political affiliation, that were completely blown away by their results. One young couple, both identifying as Democrats, turned out to be full-blown Libertarian and borderline Libertarian/Republican.

poli quiz room shot

Students sparked conversations about all sorts of topics with their peers. The ones I heard included: foreign aid, gun control, student loans and use of drones domestically. THIS WAS BEFORE PIZZA EVEN ARRIVED! 

no mo pizza

The conversations lasted 50 times as long as the pizza, and for that, we are grateful. 

In conclusion, we had more than 50 people attend which, ranging from graduate students to undergraduates and even international students! We’re excited to get to know each of our new members over the next few weeks and to get them actively engaged in the upcoming Constitution Week events we have planned. 


Stay tuned!

Go Bulls! m/

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