The Freeman is Free Online

Growing up I’ve always remembered a large stack of journals from the later 1980s and early 1990s in my house which are the remains of my family’s subscription to The Freeman: Ideas on liberty. This is a publication of the Foundation for Economic Education, and lists on its masthead names like Donald J. Boudreaux, John Stossel, Peter J. Boettke and Thomas J. DiLorenzo. I’ve unfortunately never been able to renew the subscription, but apparently The Freeman is available free online. The site is currently in beta, so I haven’t been able to find direct links to each issue — but a Google search works just as well. Here, for instance, are the April and May 2009 issues, the latter of which includes articles like

  • “Do We Need Deposit Insurance?” by Jeffrey A. Miron
  • “Mainstream Macro in an Austrian Nutshell” by Roger W. Garrison
  • “Global Warming Revisited” by Michael Heberling
  • “A Crisis of Political Economy” by Chris Matthew Sciabarra
  • “Capitalism:Yes and No” by Clarence B. Carson
  • “Ought Implies Can” by Steven Horwitz

Happy reading!

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