The Future of Liberty at Arkansas Tech University

Thursday March 1st, the Young Americans for Liberty at Arkansas Tech University hosted Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Mark West. The purpose of the event was to bring in someone inside of local politics to discuss the future of liberty in Arkansas. I was first introduced to Mark West through a podcast with a local new broadcaster in which he vehemently defended the principles of liberty. After I heard Mr. West lay out the case for small efficient government confined within the constraints of the constitution I knew he was a great ambassador of the message. One of the great things about Young Americans for Liberty is the ability to educate members of the community using liberty-minded public figures. What we as a club set out to do with this event is to introduce the concept of a liberty-driven campaign to people that would probably never get the chance to interact with Mr. West otherwise.

It is so rare to see an Arkansas politician talk about real liberty, people in YAL understand what I mean by that, imagine the tepid half-measure ‘freedom within this government-approved box’ conservative. Instead Mr. West represents the ideas of liberty well, I really think he believes in what he is saying and that’s why we were so thrilled to have him on campus. After Mr. West gave a speech to introduce himself we held a Q&A session during which he spoke on hot-button issues such as guns on campus, abortion, and taxation. Judging by the audience response I can tell you the message of liberty is as unifying as it has always been. We look forward to a great semester of spreading the ideas of liberty to our fellow Arkansans.

In Liberty,

Walter P. Stone

President YAL Arkansas Tech University

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