The Future of the Revolution

Ron Paul and the movement for liberty merited a mention in the Orange County Register yesterday. In his article “The Ron Paul Gang Prepares to Ride Again”, author Martin Wisckol outlines the plans and potenal effectiveness of the grassroots organization that supports Ron Paul, post-election.

The good news is that the freedom movement, spearheaded by Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty, alongside yours truly, the Young Americans for Liberty, has made some noteworthy strides in advancing the cause of liberty. While the GOP is struggling to redefine itself after a devastating defeat in November, proponents of liberty are making their voices heard. The Orange County GOP Governing Central Committee includes at least five Ron Paul supporters, one of which is a town mayor. The Campaign for Liberty also inspired a large swell of grassroots activism protesting the corporate bailout plan, which caused many Congressmen to think twice about casting their votes in favor of the corporations.

The future of the freedom movement is up in the air. Grassroots support for the cause of liberty is still substantial, but it has lost some of the fervor that characterized the support for Ron Paul in the primary election. The Campaign for Liberty still has resources and, of course, its charismatic leader, but it is up to the efforts of grassroots supporters, especially those of us in the Young Americans for Liberty, to determine the success of the freedom revolution.

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