The God-King Preaches to a Dutiful Flock

I am eating an oh-so-delicious crispy chicken lunch right now at my favorite spot on campus, the Skutt Student Center. The only irritating aspect about the SSC is that  the big screen TV’s “coincidentally” always seem to be on CNN with full-blast volume when the God-King is making one of his allegedly  historical, yet basically conventional, political speeches.

Even wired with the supposedly sound-proof special headphones I use for interviews, I can still hear Obama pontificate — in a bizarre, clearly fake, preacher-like tone — about how we ought to treat others as we’d like to be treated. Specifically, the Dear Leader, from his ‘presidential pulpit,’ ad-libbed that because he wouldn’t want his daughters to lack “equal pay for equal work,” it is only fair for all of society to abide by this principle. 

Confusion about the nature of rights aside, I would think that someone who has ordered drone attacks killing and maiming children wouldn’t have much credibility with regard to treating other people as they’d like to be treated and doing things “on principle,” as opposed to violating moral principle in hope for the greater good. But I *spose* that’s just one zany anarchist’s perspective….

Anyway, I’d better get to the point since I wouldn’t want anyone else to have to stomach listening through this stuff. The key point I got from this “jobs speech” is that President Obama is prepared to expend the remainder of his political capital trying to get his ambitious agenda through, as opposed to reaching out to moderates and conservatives with some restraint. A key undertone in this populist speech before a crowd in economically suffering Elryia, OH, was that  passing “economic help” and health “reform”  isn’t about his legacy, but “the people.”

Since this post obviously wasn’t cynical enough, I have to point out that this “I’m just doing this for your own good” business is the biggest lie of every politician and the central fallacy of the state. Almost everyone cares far more about themselves and their loved ones than strangers — so it is impossible for congressmen to truly function as “public servants.”

As I strongly believe that Mr. Obama is an flawed man — with his tiny imperfection being that whole ‘killing and maiming of innocents’ triviality– , I’m going to assume he’s at least as self-interested as your run-of-the-mill Joe Six Pack.

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