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This summer before entering my 3L year at Georgia Law, I have the awesome opportunity to work as a litigation clerk at the Goldwater Institute’s Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation.  Basically, I perform legal research and evaluate potential cases for the institute’s attorneys, and hone my legal skills in the process.  The Goldwater Institute is doing some pretty cool stuff right now that a lot of YAL members may find interesting.

One case of interest is Tombstone v. United States.  Here, the Goldwater Institute is representing an Arizona town in its fight against federal environmental regulations.  Simply put, the town wants to use mechanical equipment to repair its damaged water supply (a very important issue in rural Arizona), but the federal government will not allow them to do so due to various environmental concerns.

Another case that hockey fans may have heard about is Goldwater v. Glendale.  The Goldwater Institute is attempting to keep the city of Glendale from entering into what the institute sees as a deal that disregards the interests of Glendale taxpayers in favor of a very small group of people who stand to gain from Glendale having a hockey team.  (Glendale’s argument, of course, is that having the hockey team will spur economic development in the area, but free market types think that this argument is based in a misguided understanding of how economic development works).

The Goldwater Institute is also involved in policy and legislative issues.  One of the institute’s biggest successes is Arizona’s education savings account program that was recently expanded by the Arizona governor.  The program is a big step for school choice-advocates.

For students who think they might like to be involved with the Goldwater Institute, they have both general internships and litigation clerkships.  It’s a great place to work and I’d definitely recommend putting in an application to spend some time working with them, especially for anyone in the Phoenix area.

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