The good doctor is popular, even in California.

This is a recently published Letter to the Editor in the Vacaville Reporter, which serves the California Bay Area and Sacramento metro vicinity. The good doctor has supporters even in Garamendi/Boxer/Feinstein-land.

Dear Editor,

Just writing to let Americans know that there is very little time left to vote off the rotten apples that we have up on Capitol Hill.

The only decent one is Ron Paul — he really cares about what happens in America. Capitol Hill has been laughing at us for a long time now. When the treasury secretary of the Federal Reserve (Timothy Geithner) said he wasn’t sure where $2.5 trillion went, the Americans did nothing.

Didn’t the former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld say $200 billion was missing in Iraq? And, he had no idea where it went?

Americans did nothing.

I’m just wondering, when are Americans going to care before it’s too late?

Michael Quinn


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