The GOP in 2012: Save the best for another year.

Q.  My question is two-fold (er- sort of two-and-a-half fold): I understand that it’s a little early, but 1. Who do you think the GOP will nominate in 2012, and 2. who do you think the GOP *should* nominate in 2012 (and 2b. what do you think of Republican Governor Gary Johnson)?  — Wes from Nashville, TN.

A.  Don’t sell yourself short — that’s definitely three questions.  And three questions which it’s going to be difficult to fit into my goal of 500 words for these Q&A posts.  But here goes:

Based on the options presented in the straw poll at CPAC 2010 (with the exception of Ron Paul, of course), it doesn’t look like we can expect any surprises — pleasant or otherwise — from the GOP in 2012.  Romney, Palin, Pawlenty, Pence…this is nothing new.  All these candidates but Dr. Paul are identical:  They claim to be small government conservatives who will cut taxes and keep us safe, but they’re really spendthrift warhawks whose foreign adventurism endangers us while their domestic agenda steals our liberty.  Their idea of reigning in government is slowing its growth, not making that growth negative, and they’re unaware that war is just another big government program.

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