The GOP should acknowledge a domestic enemy, the State

YAL Eagle Lifting Up GOP Elephant

“Ideally, the Republican Platform should acknowledge a domestic enemy, the State.”

With those words in the Jan. 25, 1952 edition of The Commonweal made available from the Buckley archives at Hillsdale College, the young William F. Buckley, Jr. declared what he thought the GOP should stand for.  That was over fifty-seven years ago.  It’s time that we remind the GOP of its individualist roots.

Let’s consider the situation today.  Back on June 3rd, fellow YAL member Robert Bentley shared Peter Schiff’s advice that “Libertarians should infiltrate the GOP.”  This advice is especially relevant when Schiff makes the case to the Libertarian Party of Connecticut that “We haven’t won anything in forty years, and we don’t have another forty years to try.”

Of course, the GOP establishment has gone out of its way to betray the trust of liberty-minded individuals for the last decade at least.  (I say ‘decade’ because in 1996 the GOP platform actually called for ending the statist Department of Education.) And fellow YAL member Bonnie Kristian reminds us of Big Government Republicanism in her recent post “Republicans: Why would America want you back?”  Richard Spencer over at Taki’s Mag has a most excellent piece titled along the same lines titled “A Hypocrisy That Can Win Again.”

But those views aside, isn’t the Republican Party only a representation of its members and its platform?  And, heeding Mr. Schiff’s advice, isn’t it better to follow the example of Robert Taft, Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, and Ron Paul than to celebrate our ideological purity in a hermetically sealed corner of the public square?  For a blueprint of an ideologically sound, practical politician, one only has to look Jeff Frazee’s “Why Ron Paul Wins.” The Wake Forest Young Americans for Liberty get it.

One of my favorite quotes is from sportscaster Howard Cosell: What’s right isn’t always popular. What’s popular isn’t always right.   Going against this truism, the GOP accepted what was wrong (statism), surrendered what was right (individualism) in order to be popular and therefore reign forever (they thought). Today, YAL and its allies are bringing the GOP back to its individualist roots.

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