The Great Debate at the University of Cincinnati

Last Thursday, pro-liberty ideas took center stage in a debate between the three major political groups at the University of Cincinnati. The UC YAL chapter put together a debate between the three leading political ideologies in the U.S.: Republican, Democratic, and Libertarian. This was a great opportunity to share the message of liberty to students who may have never heard of it before. We passed out over 3,000 flyers while tabling, and put several hundred flyers around the whole campus. As a result, we got over 100 people to show up to the event. 
Some of the issues discussed at the debate included: minimum wage, environmental sustainability, college tuition cost, criminal justice reform, and privacy.  One of the most cheered lines of the night was in response to the democrats saying that we need to give up our liberty for security: “The phrase was ‘give me liberty or give me death’, not give me security or give me death.  If I wanted that, I would either go to jail or North Korea.”  Though, all three groups were often able to agree on the problems surrounding these issues, they weren’t able to agree on the cause or solution to the problems.
We also managed to get Generation Opportunity to both sponsor and help us put together the debate. Overall, this event was a great success and we look forward to having more events on our campus and spreading the message of liberty. 
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