The Great Wall of Free Speech at BGSU

There definitely weren’t going to be any knock-knock jokes about freedom on our Free Speech Wall, because that day, freedom rang.

BGSU students having some fun!

YAL at Bowling Green State University erected this formidable Free Speech Wall in the middle of campus on BGSU’s Union Oval on Monday, September 23rd to educate students on the importance of protecting free speech, individual rights, and the U.S Constitution. And educate we did!

Trip Coordinator Matt Makela speaking with Treasurer Ben Schrock

We were able to give away a huge variety of books including The Intellectuals and Socialism, I, Pencil, Economic Liberty and The Constitution, and Students For Liberty’s Why Liberty? and After the Welfare State. We also handed out pocket constitutions, informative materials, all sorts of stickers, bottle openers, tattoos, candy, and most importantly, markers for students to write on the wall with.

After students wrote on the wall we talked about political issues they were interested in, our organization and what we stood far, and really, whatever they wanted!

President Sam Link and friends checking out the wall

Students were very receptive toward our event making for a fun, friendly atmosphere all day. It was also great having a charity event hosted right across from us playing good music! The wall was jammed packed with words, pictures, and other symbols at the end of the day. Sure there was some negative stuff, but it was inspirational to see that the huge majority of what people were expressing were positive messages for one another to see.

Some of my favorites were “Happiness is always just a thought away,” “Love is cool,” “Be the change you want to see,” and of course, “Hail the Gerbils”! 

Trip Coordinator Matt Makela and President Sam Link standing by the wall at the end of the day.

The day ended having given away almost all of our materials, signing up 34 people, gaining lots of valuable positive exposure, and talking liberty to hundreds of students and professors. It’s was a great feeling knowing that YAL was responsible for countless laughs and smiles in our pursuit of a freer world.

As written by somebody on the wall, “Liberty is sexy” and YAL at BGSU is bring liberty back! Check out this news coverage of our event!

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