The Hate Crime Slide

Using sleazy legislative tatics, Democrats have quietly attached the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Bill to the National Defense Authorization Act.  This is a typical way for those who want questionable legislation to go through without much resistence. What better way to get your bill passed than attach it to the military budget bill for that year? You support the troops, right? For example the REAL ID Act was passed in the same way.

This bill is a damning of free speech to protect “historically disadvantaged” peoples. It adds sexual orientation, gender identity, and a list of other groups to the current list of protected groups in federal hate crimes laws. It also in effect crimilizes certain opinions as a type of hate speach. For example if a preist quoting biblical scripture states his opposition to homosexuality, that is now a hate crime because it could “possibly” incite someone to commit violence. According to the Examiner,

the bill could not burden the exercise of First Amendment rights “unless the government demonstrates … a compelling governmental interest” to do otherwise.

That means your First Amendment rights are protected — unless they’re not.

Below also to is a damning video of Attorney General Holder in front of the Senate stating how this bill does not protect everyone and instead creates “special groups” who recieve federal protect while other groups do not.

While being damning or hating homosexuality is archaic and a waste of emotion, crimializing those who look to the bible for guidence in life is tyranny.
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