The Heartless state and how to smash it

Bonnie, the heartwrenching story you shared reminds us of the fundamentally heartless nature of the state.

Nietzsche was right when he termed the state “that cold cruel monster.” The state necessarily objectifies and dehumanizes us to achieve its agenda. Its extravagant aims can only be achieved through coercion, lies, and the mass slaughter of innocents.

If they’re not total sociopaths, I imagine the state’s power players rationalize their atrocities through utilitarian morals.Politicians can repeatedly lie to the whole citizenry in those ridiculous presidential “debates,” and conduct foreign policies that kill thousands of children. This is “worth it,” to them  because of the ends they think such means will achieve.

But so far, no such vision has come to fruition. The people have given the parasites their salaries and sons for war after war, but to no avail. World War II followed World War I. The Truman Doctrine followed World War II. And the “War on Terror,” has followed the Cold War. The state hasn’t brought world peace or anything close.

Libertarians offer a different approach to the goal of peace. We realize that even the worst state is ultimately bound to the will of its citizens. If we fearlessly hold the state’s repulsive “collateral damage” to the standards of private society, the people of the world will grow to despise modern warfare to the extent that states  would be forced to abolish it.

Can we actually put an end to state wars? Yes, we can really do it! But only if we speak clearly, unapologetically, and radically about libertarian ideas whenever the proper opportunity arises.

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