The “I Pledge” Video Transcript

Here is the list of pledges from the YAL “I Pledge” video.  According to the way I typed the speech from the video, I ended up with a list of 95 pledges.  It is only slightly ironic that the Protestant Reformation began with the publication of Martin Luther’s The Ninety-Five Theses.

The text version below was transcribed directly from the “I Pledge” video:

  1. Every generation needs a new revolution. –Thomas Jefferson
  2. I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice and let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue. –Barry Goldwater

    ::Start individual pledges::

  3. I pledge, I pledge, I pledge…
  4. To form my own opinions.
  5. To not rely on pundits, politicians, or celebrities.
  6. I pledge to think for myself.
  7. To not rely on the media for facts.
  8. I pledge to respect life.
  9. To respect liberty.
  10. To respect the happiness of others.
  11. I pledge to defend the individual.
  12. To be kind and respectful to others.
  13. To lead by example.
  14. I pledge to give voluntarily.
  15. To private charities.
  16. I pledge to work for the benefit of the world because I want to, not because I have to.
  17. Because I care and I want to make a difference.
  18. I pledge to visit the National Archives and Arlington Cemetery and remember what this country is supposed to be about.
  19. I pledge to oppose compulsory service.
  20. To oppose slavery.
  21. To recognize the difference between voluntary action and government force.
  22. I pledge to show the world the real peace movement is the liberty movement.
  23. I pledge to resist the draft.
  24. I pledge to defend liberty starting at home.
  25. I pledge to defend my home at home, not abroad.
  26. I pledge to fight for a foreign policy that puts America first.
  27. I pledge to defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic.
  28. I don’t own a firearm but I pledge to defend the right for you to own a firearm.
  29. I pledge to hang on to my Second Amendment rights until they pry them out of my cold dead hands.
  30. I pledge to be an advocate of the Tenth Amendment and respect state sovereignty.
  31. To always stand up against the legislation of morality. [is this right?]
  32. To resist show trials and fight for habeas corpus.
  33. To oppose all new legislation that doesn’t severely slash the budget or taxes.
  34. I pledge to inform Congress that just like me, they do not have an unlimited budget.
  35. I pledge to not allow unelected bureaucrats to run our economy.
  36. I pledge to resist the fiat currency.
  37. To expose self-evident truths for all America.
  38. I pledge to defend the natural rights of man: my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor just like this guy. [points to statue of Jefferson]
  39. I pledge to remember the price of liberty is responsibility.
  40. I pledge not to let my talents go to waste.
  41. To pursue the American dream and make something of myself.
  42. Without any hindrance or help from the government.
  43. I pledge to support small and not government institutions. [buys bread and shakes hand of businesswoman]
  44. I pledge to remember that wanting to keep your own money isn’t greed and spending other people’s money isn’t compassion.
  45. I pledge to never tax you for my personal ambitions.
  46. I pledge to not accept any public money for scientific research.
  47. I pledge to work outside the government to make the world a better place through voluntary associations without the threat of violence looming overhead.
  48. I pledge to combine the philosophy of liberty with the virtue of love.
  49. I pledge to never let political differences interfere with the potentials of human friendship.
  50. I pledge eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man.
  51. I pledge to question authority.
  52. I pledge to speak out.
  53. I pledge to never stop learning.
  54. To education myself about the political process so that I can make a difference.
  55. I pledge to read Human Action by Ludwig von Mises.
  56. I pledge to buy copies of Human Action for all my Marxist friends.
  57.  I pledge to read everyday.
  58. To read more Murray Rothbard.
  59. To learn about fractional reserve banking.
  60. I pledge to remember that nobody can calculate the value of an individual.
  61. I pledge to seek truth.
  62. I pledge to spread the message of liberty throughout the world. [English accent]
  63. I pledge to always defend my rights. [in Russian]
  64. I pledge not to buy U.S. Treasury Bills. [in Chinese]
  65. I pledge to join the libertarian revolution in Russia. [Russian accent]
  66. I pledge to hope and liberty, not a politician.
  67. I pledge to remember that this country doesn’t have royalty and we don’t need a replacement royal family.
  68. I pledge to limit the government’s job description.
  69. I pledge to have faith in my fellow man.
  70. I pledge to defend liberty until the day I die.
  71. Why just pledge? I’ll take an oath.  I swear by my life and my love of it that I will not live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine. [quoted from John Galt’s oath in Ayn Rand‘s novel Atlas Shrugged]

    ::Ending sequence commences::

  72. I pledge to spread the message of liberty.
  73. I pledge to be a champion of the Constitution.
  74. I pledge to raise a family that protects liberty and defends the Constitution.
  75. I pledge to inform the American people, that the government isn’t any better solving the people’s problems than the people are.
  76. I pledge to volunteer, voluntarily.
  77. To fly a Gadsden flag off my balcony no matter how much it irritates the neighbors.
  78. I pledge not to succumb to political correctness.
  79. I pledge to support the poor by promoting the free markets.
  80. I pledge to oppose all wars against the Constitution both foreign and domestic.
  81. I pledge to hold myself accountable for any of my wrong doings, and not the government.
  82. I pledge to oppose any congressman who supports a stimulus.
  83. I pledge to help my fellow citizens understand the price of the drug war.
  84. I pledge to never let the government decide whose life is worth living.
  85. I pledge to formulate my own opinions.
  86. I pledge to live free or die.
  87. I pledge to buy gold and silver.
  88. I pledge to live and let live.
  89. I pledge to be a leader in the cause for liberty.
  90. I pledge to hold my elected officials accountable.
  91. I pledge to oppose the nanny state.
  92. I pledge to educate my children.
  93. I pledge to be an advocate for liberty.
  94. I pledge to join the revolution.
  95. I pledge to join Young Americans for Liberty.

What’s your pledge for liberty? What’s your pledge for the revolution?

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