The Impending Paradigm Shift?

The consumer advocate and former Presidential candidate, Ralph Nader appeared on Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch to discuss the current changing dynamics of our political system. Nader pointed out that because many principled politicians are disrespected by both parties, an emerging alliance between pure progressives and libertarians, or the anti-corporatists, is taking shape due to the current extreme political environment.

Conservative libertarians, like Representative Ron Paul, and progressives such as Senator Bernie Sanders are fed up with the never-ending antics of both parties. Whether it’s the secrecy of the Fed, “bailouts” of corporations,  the “defense” budget, and the never ending wars overseas and at home, the mess never seems to end.

The question posed now, is whether or not this partnership will lead toward more traction against the entrenched establishment based in crony corporatism?  Additionally, will political alliances such as these in the long term be beneficial to the liberty movement?

Just some food for thought.

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