The implications of the warfare state — should we fail to resist it.

The state’s ability to get its “subjects” to go along with the killing operation is perhaps its most remarkable accomplishment. Yes, those in-the-know secular elites realize exactly what they’re doing, but it’s truly an amazing feat how they get a largely Christian populace to go along with what at best can be described an “ends-justify-the-means” type moral relativism, and at worst, corporatist politicians willing to commit mass murder to benefit the merchants and manufacturers with whom they are in cahoots.

Obviously, nationalism is front and center in this tragic moral defection, with most Americans believing — explicitly or not — that the lives of people ruled and looted by the same God-King are somehow more valuable than that of foreigners.

Which makes this 2002 story quite interesting. Six suspected terrorists were slaughtered by one of those evil unmanned aircrafts operated by CIA people playing God on their government joysticks. One of these human beings was an American citizen.

This a terrifying precedent. They just killed this guy — bereft of conclusive evidence of guilt, much less a public trial. While state-worship, to include the CIA and government wars, was more of a problem in the evil, pro-state year of 2002 than today, the (hopefully temporary) death of the left-wing anti-war movement has led to a apathetic public more willing to accept these sorts of abstract, far-away things in the name of “safety.”

Citing the 02′ story on twitter today, Jacob Hornberger pointed out that if the CIA claims the right to kill Americans they suspect — bereft of a fair trial — to be terrorists overseas, who is to say they couldn’t kill people here they think just might fit the bill?

Is this a bit of a stretch? Well, maybe so or maybe no. But we can ensure it never happens if we unequivocally oppose the warfare state. Public pressure is the one thing that politicians DO respond to! 

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