The Irony of Consistency

Ron Paul is unique among the Congress for his unwavering dedication to principles and the Constitution.  Throughout his public career, he has earned his nickname “Dr. No” by voting against every piece of legislation that does not comply strictly with the Constitution.  Due in part to this principle and in part to his desire to advance legislation that reforms our out of control government, he has never actually had a bill that he proposed become law.

However, it now appears that is about to change.  Barney Frank (D-MA), chairman of the House Services Committee, announced yesterday that he expects Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill to pass out of committee and to be adopted into law.  However, the bill is almost certainly going to pass as part of a larger financial reform package.  That means that the final bill will likely contain provisions that Dr. No cannot support due to his unerringly consistent stand on the role of the federal government and the Constitution.  In the end, Audit the Fed will likely become law despite the fact that the man who made it possible will vote against it.  Ron Paul will gain his first significant legislative victory without the vote of Ron Paul.  I can’t wait to see the talking heads trying to get their tiny little brains around that!

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