The Left-Right Paradigm — Just the Same Old Crap

Republicans last night cruised to victory in Virginia and New Jersey, taking the Governor’s mansion in both states.The news media is painting this as a referendum on President Obama, and they are right. However, there is a point they missing in the story, and that is the paradigm of the left and right in this country. 

It seems that one year, we vote for the Republicans who promise us smaller government, and then one year we vote for the Democrats that promise to clean the mess left by the Republicans. Year after year we vote for the two parties in a hope that things will change, but when it comes down to the facts, it is proven that we get the same garbage from both parties.

 The American people always want something better, and after an election like last night they think they got what they seek. However, in a few months they will realize that the same garbage is being spewed to them as before. Real change won’t come to this country until the American people get past this paradigm. They have been sucked into believing that the Republicans and Democrats are their only choice. However, when you try and explain that they can vote for a third party like the Libertarian Party, they get all flustered and claim that if you do that, you will just give votes to the Democrats, or vice-versa. 

Wake up people!!! You are getting the same garbage with both parties. This garbage is just covered up by some slick campaign slogan that apparently pulls you into the dumpster. And look at last night — everyone is being pulled in like this is some revolution against Obama. Everyone is being dealt with. 

Being a free people is essential to our being, but that is being stripped away everyday we live. Some way our government is trying to find a new way to control our lives, and both parties are criminal in this respect. Both parties voted for the Patriot Act, which was the biggest assault on our liberty in a long time. It is finally time to break the paradigm and declare ourselves as free people once again. 

Who owns you? 

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