The left still won’t recognize that it has voted in Bush 2.0

He’s younger and better looking and all around way more fun.  He’s the Mac to Bush’s PC, and he makes the rest of the world feel a little more warm and fuzzy toward the American empire than they have in recent years.  Political disagreements (with both) aside, we all know that President Obama is way cooler than his predecessor.

And despite his wavering on Afghanistan, Obama has also charmed his way (and his war’s way) into the hearts of the (formerly) antiwar left, writes Jack Hunter:

Worshipping a president who promised “change,” liberals continue to ignore the fact that little has. On foreign policy — the Left’s primary gripe against Bush — Obama’s war mentality is remarkably similar to his predecessor. In drawing down in Iraq, Obama has simply transferred the massive U.S. presence from Iraq to Afghanistan.  Meanwhile, controversial war on terror-era measures like the Patriot Act, extraordinary rendition, and warrantless wiretapping remain intact. Notes observant liberal Noam Chomsky, “As Obama came into office, [former Secretary of State] Condoleezza Rice predicted he would follow the policies of Bush’s second term, and that is pretty much what happened, apart from a different rhetorical style.”

Chomsky (whom YAL’s own Matt Cockerill interviewed recently — check it out here if you haven’t yet!) is right and, to echo an old theme, this is more of the same.  Contrary to appearances, this isn’t Mac vs. PC; this is just a new face on the same policies.  Read more from Campaign for Liberty here.

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