The Meeting

David Dempster has submitted for your consideration a short story he recently wrote in honor of Independence Day.  I won’t ruin the ending for you, so here’s a short taste:

“Sir, I have been studying your writings. There are things I do not understand. I wish to engage you in dialog so I may understand better.”

Thomas nodded his assent, and the visitor continued: “You have written, ‘Most bad government results from too much government.‘ Surely a strong, powerful government is necessary for maintaining law and order and regulating many aspects of the lives of our citizens.”

His host tilted back his head a little and looked down his noble nose at the visitor. “Do you not think a citizen capable of regulating his own life? Who are you or I to say how a man should spend his days, what dreams he should pursue, how he should order his life, pursue his happiness, and enjoy his wealth? Those who colonized this land were pioneers. They came in search of freedom, and it is my intention to keep the land free.”

His visitor looked unconvinced.

Read the rest here.

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