The Modern Day Counterfeiter

I recently decided to pick up Case Against the Fed, by Murray Rothbard, for a second go around.  One theme he tackles in his short and sweet book is the act of counterfeiting.  You don’t hear much on the issue in mainstream headlines, however it is happening all around us.  Counterfeiting is considered one of the most punishable of crimes, even though the privileges of counterfeiting are granted to one particular agency:  the Federal Reserve.

An article I came across in my pursuit of counterfeit encounters was called, Secret Service Reports Surge in Counterfeiting.” Contrary to my initial thought, this article wasn’t about the Fed’s quantitative easing…it was about the $132 million the Secret Service has pulled in through 2010, which is hardly comparable to the trillions of dollars the Fed has legally printed — counterfeited — in the last year.

Take a look at some smaller scale instances of counterfeiting that seem to be happening in the news. Take a look at what their illegitimate practices have done to their towns and communities. After that, compare the amount of money counterfeited in the stories with the Fed’s.

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