The Monks’ New Spirit for Liberty

On Tuesday, September 6th at 4:15, I hurried back to my dorm from class to grab supplies for both the cheerleading team table and of course for YAL. I felt nervous and very unprepared to start this new chapter up at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine. Luckily, Maine State Chair Raj Kane and Pennsylvania State Chair Shane Quinn were able to help me recruit new members. Though we are not yet recognized by SJC’s Student Government, I managed to snag an extra table to lay out all of the Recruitment Kit supplies on. The Director of Student Activities came over to see what YAL is all about, seeming quite skeptical, and left with a pocket Constitution and a smile on his face.

We asked nearly every student who passed by “do you love liberty?” We were met with some apathy and some confusion, but generated much more enthusiasm. We acquired 42 signatures overall! Not bad for a small private college with around 1,000 students. Vice President Will Hardiman and I are so excited to spread the liberty movement on campus with our first meeting taking place next Tuesday!

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