The Narciccistic Sovereignty Crowd Clarification

In my recent article titled “The Narciccistic Sovereignty Crowd”, I inadvertantly failed to let the reader know that I do not agree with nation’s, such as Sudan, forcing children to become soldiers. I have witnessed this first hand in several third world countries. The children were armed, and firing their weapons at human targets. The UN Rights of the Child would make it illegal for countries to do such terrible things; recruiting or forcing children into their military. However, would the countries violating this ‘childs right’ obey a treaty from the UN? I seriously doubt it.

One of the main problems of the UN Rights of the Child treaty or any UN treaty for that matter; is that once our government ratifies a treaty, the law’s set forth in the treaty actually ‘trump’ our Constitution. In America, we don’t need this treaty simply because our military doesn’t recruit or force children to fight along highly trained soldiers; at least not as of yet. If I’m in error, please, by all means, correct me.

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