The negative aspects of education in the United States

I have a new article up at Learning From Dogs that examines the negative aspects of the American schooling system.  I focus on the lack of emphasis on critical thinking skills, the effect of this system on the human mind, and the (possible) true purpose of compulsory education.

On April 15th, I looked at the positive aspects of the American educational system.  Now I look at the other side of the coin, so to speak.

While in my last post I attempted to put a positive spin on the United States education system, I must here admit that I personally tend to view it in a much more negative light.  There are several reasons for this, three of which I will try to elaborate on here.  

My first major concern about education in the United States is its lack of critical thinking skills, which produces students who do not know how to question the “system” for what is truly is, but rather constantly take the context of things presented as fact (the two-party political system is a perfect example of this.)

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