The Neocons Are Losing Ground

Justin Raimondo of writes about the recent encouraging developments of the “tea party movement.” Most of the tea-party-goers are becoming increasingly non-interventionist:

[The teaparty movement is] on the cusp of learning the great lesson that conservatives of the cold war era failed to absorb: that the idea of maintaining a global military presence, including an empire of bases and an interlocking network of overseas military and financial “interests,” rules out the limited-government agenda they so passionately embrace.

Raimondo even mentions Ron Paul, C4L and YAL.

The neocons hate Ron Paul, because he is the symbol of everything they have always opposed: libertypopulism, and, most of allthe Old Right, the pre-Buckley pro-free market “isolationist” movement that opposed the New Deal and Roosevelt’s wartime dictatorship. Paul’s supporters, organized in the Campaign for Liberty – and their very active youth section, Young Americans for Liberty – are the most well-organized and consciously ideological strain of the tea party movement. They also have the advantage of seniority: many of them were going to tea parties – yearly “Tax Day” demonstrations – long before it was cool.

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